The White House will be occupied through 2020, but there’s another option: the First Texas White House. Built in 1924 for Texas Governor Ross Sterling, it’s basically another White House except it’s been scaled down and deals with way less traffic and far fewer politicians than the one in D.C.

It’s located in Morgan’s Point off Galveston Bay, about 30 miles away from Houston. And, while it has been reduced a bit, understand: This place is still massive. It offers nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a ballroom, a library, a rooftop terrace and rotunda portico spread over the home’s 20,689 square feet. And rest assured that you have land aplenty, as well, with 6.36 acres. Not to mention you get to be on the waterfront. Jealous yet, Donald?

Best of all, you have a chance to snatch it up at a discount. Originally offered for $5.499 million, it’s to be auctioned off this Thursday, December 8th at 7 pm EST… meaning it could soon be yours for the taking, whatever the Electoral College may say.

Check here for more details and take a virtual tour below.