SF Weekly has an incredibly interesting profile on a group of young women in the Bay Area (which is no stranger to unusual behavior), who decided to test whether or not the principles popular with male pickup artists could also work for females. 

The idea sprung from the seemingly spotty quality of bachelors in the greater San Francisco area. There are plenty of what one woman, Aynne Valencia, refers to as “Velveeta boyfriends,” i.e. not the real thing. 

There could be several contributing factors for this. Some that the article puts forward (and that we agree with on our anecdotal experience of San Francisco), are that there’s no pressure to grow up there. The culture is pretty static at about the age 25. There’s also twice the national average of homosexual men per capita. This means heterosexual men have very little incentive to do anything but date casually. They’ll have a seemingly unending pool of eligible, heterosexual women to choose from – girls they know aren’t going to get a date anywhere else.  

Famed pickup artist “Soul,” thought he could help her (and the rest of the women in San Francisco). And we don’t mean “help,” in the tongue-literally-in-their-cheeks sort of way. He saw the dilemma many of the single women were having and decided to write a new chapter of pickup artistry: Girl Game. 

You may be thinking that a series of “pickup techniques” for women would be unneccesry, or at the very least, flawed when written by the hand of a male seduction artist. You may be correct. But Soul would argue differently.  From the article:

…The thrust of his advice was that they should forgo aggression, and instead create a "window of opportunity" for men to initiate a connection. This can be as simple as using eye contact, body language, or, if absolutely necessary, starting a "functional" conversation. For instance, "How was your week?"

The women were sort of miffed by this. Weren’t they here to learn how to approach men? Why couldn’t they show off their intelligence or sense of humor right away?

Soul changed gears, and asked the women how they usually initiated interactions. "You eye-fuck them," Walters offered, and Soul asked her to describe how this works.

To read more about female pickup artistry, and to find out if it worked for the girls, check out SF Weekly.