A new smartwatch has taken brainpower to a whole new level of lazy —30 days of battery life means you can charge your smartwatch when you pay your rent, which means you don’t need to think about it for a whole month. And while most wearable tech look like children’s toys, this one is actually quite classy, perhaps because it’s not a touchscreen. It’s monochrome and is not bestowed with lights or animations.

Instead, the Vector Luna smartwatch (£219-£349) combines a sleek look with valued battery life, which may end up trumping every other smartwatch. There’s not much to it, either. The side of the body has three controls—a center select button and two navigational buttons. Stainless steel with a subtle brushed finish and topped off with a polished chrome bezel, the Vector Luna is neither too thick nor heavy.

The app isn’t as developed as your Apple watch, but it certainly has some features that make it stand out among the rest. You can add widgets like the local weather, your step count and calories burned or see incoming calls and messages. Check out the images below to predict what it’d look like in place of the clunky beeping thing on your wrist now. You’ll be predicting for a while though, because it’s currently only available in the UK. Guess there are some pretty classy blokes there or something.


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