When it launched on Kickstarter back in February of 2015, North Drinkware had one small goal: to raise enough money to design and produce a batch of handmade glasses. When they hit their initial target in about five hours, they decided, “Eh, let’s keep doing it.”

Based in Portland, Oregon, they agonize over everything about their glasses, even insisting on using local partners to produce the paper wrap in their packaging. (Yes, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are planning a sketch about them right now.)

Of course, what really matter are the glasses themselves. Quite simply, this is the way liquid should be contained. They’re all hand blown, with unique bases that are inspired by the mountains. As North Drinkware proclaims, these babies are “crafted with the same care and consideration as the drinks you love.”

They sell for $45 each, but seriously, your Johnny Walker Blue deserves a proper home before it winds up in your belly. Act now because they have a sort of tendency to sell out.