It’s easy to come into cigars. Maybe you get a few for your birthday or for getting a promotion or for having a kid. Maybe you take advantage of the loosened trade embargo with Cuba and bring back a couple boxes of the real thing. Either way, now you’ve got a collection of cigars, and you need a proper place to house them. And no, a Ziploc bag won’t cut it.

But a humidor sure will. Especially the Döttling Tabletop Humidor, which might just be the nicest cigar holder we’ve ever seen. The Germany-based company is better known for making luxury safes, so you can rest assured that this thing will keep your cigars both fresh and secure for years to come.

The exterior is soft calfskin leather with a glass top that acts as a window to your cigars. The interior is Spanish cedar, and LED lights will keep things illuminated while you decide between a Montecristo, a Gurkha or whatever it is you prefer to smoke.

Unlike most humidors, which open at the top like a hinged box, this one sports a pull-out drawer. So that’s neat. And on the outside of that drawer is where you’ll find brushed stainless steel dials—a hygrometer, barometer and thermometer—for keeping an eye on humidity, pressure and temperature.

Oh come on, that’s only $12,995 more than the Ziploc option.