I would like to formally announce that WallstreetFighter will one of the locations you will be able to enter the Stock Trading 101 stock picking contest. Here are a few of the other blogs that are taking part in the contest

The Frugal Trader

The Clever Dude



The contest has already started for the week but a new one will start up again next Monday and we will take picks for next week contest. The contest consists of picking one stock over $1 and one other financial pick, ie what will the NAS end up the week. Blain of 101 will check the comments in this article for the picks. To make it more interesting and to try and get reader of this blog to enter. If the winner comes from this blog I will be sending you an incredible gift that will make tears come to your eyes. I won’t tell you what it is, you just need to win and I guarantee it is the greatest gift you’ll receive this year. So get to commenting and picking. Do it now, wait until the end of the week, I don’t care just give me your pick.