This is it. This is the game-changer. The Manhattan Project of snowball artillery has arrived, and it will be the weapon that thousands of innocent snow-covered faces will wish could somehow be un-invented.

The Snowball Blaster from Hammacher Schlemmer can launch balls of snow at targets up to 50 feet away, giving the wielder a devastating advantage in neighborhood winter warfare. Arms? Hands? Ha! Your enemies are using their own limbs to try and peg you with an icy snowball? This is like fighting cavemen with laser guns. When you pull out your Snowball Blaster you can be sure they’ll be on their backs making snow angels before anybody can even come close to hitting you. Just load it up with up to three snowballs at a time, aim, and pull the trigger. The cold-resistant plastic and the slingshot mechanism will ensure a dead on hit with one the most perfectly shaped snowballs. While your combatants are scrambling with frozen hands to shape more ammunition, you’ll be gunning down mofos Stallone in Cliffhanger. So arm yourself before next snowfall. The gun is $29.95 and as of right now you don’t need a license to buy one, but that will probably change soon. Find it here.