There’s little worse than getting stuck behind a snooty yuppie with a sense of seat-leaning-back entitlement. Seriously. We honestly can’t think of that many things that make us more incensed. Maybe undercooked fish or being mugged. There’s not much.

That’s why we always fly business or first class, and that is definitely not going to change any time soon because many airlines are changing their coach seating arrays to look like what you might expect in a Pelican.

The Mail is reporting that this new seating arrangement will allow airlines to pack more passengers in and would result in a 30% drop in coach tickets. Maybe on a flight from L.A. to S.F. or Vegas this is a plausible option (30% more trips to Vegas? Okay.), but fort the long haul, you’ll find us behind the velveteen curtain.

This is especially true if we’re going anywhere that US Airways new flagship jets go as they’ve unveiled a brand new first class seating configuration that, frankly, puts those we’ve been in to shame. It’s called the Envoy Suite and includes the following, luxuriant amenities. Most notably, you’ll find the absence of pretentious yuppies.

· A fully adjustable seat with lie-flat bed

· Direct aisle access from each Suite with all seats facing forward

· Generous personal space and stowage

· An easy-to-reach technology panel, including a 110-volt universal power outlet, satellite telephone and USB port

· State-of-the-art personal entertainment system with a 12.1” adjustable touch-screen