You know where we go for technology innovation in the culinary world? We go to a 100-year old butcher shop in Northern Spain, of course. At Izarzugaza, they’re changing the way Spaniards (and members of neighboring countries) are consuming odd meats. 

It all started with their implementation of a delivery service. Demand was high and wide-spread enough that they were able to begin delivering. From there, unafraid of expanding their business model, they began using touch screen modules in the café to cater to multi-lingual customers, and, eventually, the world’s first meat vending machine on the outside of the store. 

The machine holds a rotating stock of seasonal delights – pasta salads in the Summer, sausages and the link in colder months. But it just goes to show that any small business – Izarzugaza is no chain – can benefit by getting wired and separating themselves from the competition by making a good impression. Via Springwise