Holy crap, Nikon. Way to hold out on us. This morning, Nikon unveiled the world’s first point-and-shoot digital camera with a built-in digital projector in its body. No longer will flocks of sorority girls have to excitedly clamor over one another to get a peak at the teeny tiny LCD screen on the back. Now, they’re frivolities can be projected on a nearby wall 40 inches wide!

The camera captures 12 megapixel images, has a 5x optical zoom, and shoots 640×480 footage at 30 fps, so in those regards it’s pretty typical of modern compact cameras. It’s got some cooler features like a touchscreen LED for controlling the camera, the ability to play themed slide shows, and all the usual vibration control features.

The trick, obviously, is how they jammed a projector into the thing when so many other cameras are distinctly projectorless. Well Gearlog has some pictures that’ll answer that question (or at least entertain with pretty colors).

The camera drops this September and is going to set you back a pretty penny ($399.95_ and it’ll come in Red, Champagne, or Black.