Get prepared for April Fools Day by studying up with a few solid pranks from the Break archive. Need a little inspiration to set up your own gag? These should probably help.

Milk Squeeze

Milk ExplosionWatch More Funny Videos
Simple and straightforward, this elegant example of dairy-related slapstick is the perfect prank if you have a carton-drinker living in your midst.

The Sniper

Terrifying Sniper Prank on Japanese TV – Watch More Funny Videos
Got time to set up a fake business and bring in your victim for a fake job interview?


Epic Waterbed Wakeup Prank – Watch More Funny Videos
A girlfriend with a lesser sense of humor would have made him sleep on that couch after something like this.

Passed Out On a Pond

Best Ever Passed Out Prank – Watch More Funny Videos
Sometimes drawing on your passed-out friend’s face just isn’t enough. This, however, probably qualified as “way too much.”

Cat Bumper

Cat Bumper Prank – Watch More Funny Videos
When all else fails, screw with unsuspecting strangers.