Earlier this year, 287 Chicagoans used Groupon to purchase LASIK eye surgery. Which just goes to show: Midwesterners love lasers. Also: daily deals websites are offering a lot more than pizza coupons and tango lessons these days. In addition to LASIK, here are five medical procedures you can buy online.

Botox, LivingSocial
Twenty units of Botox for $165. Somebody alert Nicole Kidman.

Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment, Groupon
For $2,999, you get the invisible braces (normally $7,000). It’s almost worth it to buy a bunch of these and resell them in England.

Spider Vein Removal, LivingSocial
They’ll get rid of your unsightly mini-varicose veins for $199. Somebody alert Nicole Kidman.

Dental Cleaning and X-Rays, Groupon
A cleaning, an exam and mouth x-rays for $57 (normally $275). Seriously, you should scalp these in London.

Lip Plumping, Groupon
For $40, they’ll slough off dead skin from your face and stimulate cell regeneration in your lips. Please, don’t tell Nicole Kidman.