Q: How do you make a coworker blush? A: By using April Fools’ Day as an excuse to tease, mess with or totally humiliate him or her, of course. Without further ado, here are the secrets to camouflaging a cubicle, reorganizing a desk, making someone think they’re getting canned and more! (Note: Made Man accepts no responsibility for you getting canned for pulling these stunts.)

Got a subordinate whose workspace looks like someone ate a bunch of office supplies, then projectile vomited all over it? Time to teach that kid a lesson.

5. Krazy Keyboard
Funny thing about desktop computer keyboards: a lot of times the actual keys can be pried up using a paper clip. So, first, ID a coworker who’s prone to hunting and pecking as opposed to touch-typing. Then, while she’s out to lunch, sneak over to her cube, pop off all the keys, and rearrange them in alphabetical order. Extra credit for super-gluing them down and sending her an e-mail that reads, “Hey there, best of luck with that important memo you’ve gotta file by the end of the day!”

4. Covered Cube
This concept is simple, but the execution takes work—and requires your target to be out of the office for a day—so we recommend recruiting a couple interns. Send them off to his favorite fast food joint, where they’ll sweet-talk the staff into supplying hundreds of food containers—say, White Castle burger sleeves, or those cute little Big Mac boxes. Back at the office, direct them to unfold the containers, then use them to completely cover his workspace. Be mindful of details, like cutting and shaping them to coat his phone, coffee mug, Swingline stapler. When he returns to the office, act like nothing’s happened. Just make sure to ask if he knows of any good lunch spots.

3. Mail Call
Got a subordinate whose workspace looks like someone ate a bunch of office supplies, then projectile vomited all over it? Time to teach that kid a lesson. Grab a big box and sweep the contents of his desk right into them. Drop in a note reading, “Get organized, dude,” then write his home address on the box, head over to the mail room, and have them overnight it to his place. Yes, he’ll freak out for 24 hours But you can bet his desk will be spotless from that day forward.

This might be a bit over the top, but you get the idea…

2. Fireable Offense
Almost every office has a skeevy guy that gets a little too handsy with the women, much to their disgust. Tell him you need him to interview a candidate for an entry-level position. Then recruit your hottest friend to show up to his office dressed to kill in cleavage-friendly blouse, miniskirt and heels. She should act as sultry as possible (even bending over to, you know, pick up a dropped pen) without actually making any sort of move. When he inevitably does, that’s her cue to flip out and scream. You rush in, she accuses him of harassment, and you say, “We’d better call HR.” Reach for the phone and start dialing. Wait for him to start sweating, sobbing, or offering you large sums of cash to keep quiet before wishing him a happy April Fools’ Day.

1. Water World
Some of these pranks may be a little mean-spirited, but this last one is just plain fun. Get all your supplies together, have a co-worker call a long meeting involving your victim, then quickly get to work. Open his biggest file drawer, take out all the files, and stash them out of sight. Next, line the drawer with a large, clear, waterproof plastic bag and secure it with duct tape. Dump aquarium gravel in it, followed by decorations like artificial plants, a treasure chest and one of those little diver guys. Fill it with freshwater and populate it with a couple of goldfish. Close the drawer and place the coup de grace—a tube of fish food—on top of his monitor. Then sit back and wait for your mate to puzzle over the fish food, then dig for a document and meet his new aquatic friends. With any luck, hilarity (rather than, say, violent rage) will ensue.