Why is it that men seem to find redheads so fascinating?  A guy can be talking about a chick with his buddies, and as soon as he mentions that this particular chick happens to be a redhead, all his buddies will get a coy look on their face, lean in a little bit, and suddenly be much more interested in the conversation.  Why does that happen? Because redheads are incredibly hot.  To prove this point, we’d like to offer up some examples of our favorite Flamin’ Hot Redheads:


You’re never too old to be a babe.  If you’re anything like us, you were addicted to X-Files for basically your entire boyhood-to-manhood transition, and that means that Gillian became an integral part of your love life (imaginary or otherwise).  You can’t take Lincoln of the five-dollar bill, and you can’t take Gillian off of a list of super hot Redheads.  That’s just science.


Lindsay is easily the most famous/popular/paparazzi-laden babe on this list.  Social quirkiness and publicity antics aside, she’s easily one of the most desired babes on the planet, and she’s doing wonders for the popularity of redheads everywhere.  So keep up the good work, Lindsay, and don’t die any time soon!


Ever since she awkwardly nerded her way into the spotlight on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alyson has been the go-to redhead fantasy girl of fanboys everywhere.  Not only is she super hot, but the mild-manneredness of most of her characters makes her seem very accessible, which is something that fanboys really like.  Also, her flute story in American Pie kind of sealed the deal for us. More recently, Alyson can be seen on the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother hiding her lucious scarlette locks with a raven dye job, but we all know the truth: she’s a redhead at heart, and we love her for it.


Isla is not just a redhead. She’s a redhead with an accent.  An Australian accent to be exact, which you either find very attractive or very annoying, depending on whether or not you’ve ever had an Australian guy step on your head while you were waiting for a subway in New York City, just because he was trying to get to his girlfriend and it was a little crowded.  Most recently, Isla can be seen playing the leading role in the most poorly-timed movie ever, Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Just try to forget that she’s marrying a dude that’s one hundred times funnier than any of us will ever be.


Amy first came on the scene in Drop Dead Gorgeous.  She also had an excellent role in Catch Me if You Can, where she played Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend/fiance, a cute little braces-clad nurse who eventually matures a little and reveals some kind of abortion backstory that we didn’t really pay attention to.  Anyway, she’s very cute in the movie.  With her leading role in Disney’s Enchanted, Amy has pretty much assured us that she’ll be a box office goldmine for years to come.  I think everyone can rejoice for that.


Kate is best known for her work on ABC’s mega-hit Grey’s Anatomy, alongside fellow babes Katherine Heigl, Ellen Pompeo, and Sandra Oh.  Kate’s character was only supposed to be featured in a few episodes, but it turns out that a lot of viewers like redheads, so the show’s creators decided to keep Kate around.  The decision proved to be a good one, since Kate has become a fan favorite.  Honestly, though, you could just film Kate standing there for forty-eight minutes and the show would probably be just as successful.



Myth: Learning about science by watching Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters is really boring, even if a babelicious redhead is prancing around the whole time looking hot and saying really smart things.

Conclusion: BUSTED!


Christina is one of a few delicious hotties starring in AMC’s original series Madmen.  Prior to her role on the hit show, she could be seen in a number of guest roles on some popular shows, including Angel, Firefly, and Beggars & Choosers.  Say what you want about Joss Whedon, the creator of Angel and Firefly, but he has a real knack for finding super hot babes and lifting them to fame and noteriety.  It probably helps that they’re all hot, and Christina is clearly no exception.


Emma had a few small roles on TV shows like Malcolm In The Middle, Lucky Louie, and The Medium, which is the show about the lady who talks to dead people and is not Jennifer Love Hewitt. Then she got cast in Superbad as Jonah Hill’s love interest, and since then, she’s been on a Hollywood frenzy, starring in The Rocker and House Bunny last year, and in three new films (The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Paper Man, and Zombieland) later this year.  Emma is a busy girl. It sounds like she could use a massage.  What? Too creepy?


It’s true: underneath that head of normally raven-black hair lies a beautiful hood of scarlette locks.  Rose McGowan is easily one of the hottest babes in Hollywood today.  She’s proven that she can be flexible (both physically and dramatically) and ridiculously hot, and she’s probably the only chick that can look hot while wearing a prosthetic machine gun leg (see Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror).  She’s currently in discussions to play the lead in a remake of Red Sonya, in which she will undoubtedly shed her dark, emo dye job and reveal that fabulous red hair of hers.  As it turns out, that move would be incredibly helpful, since that’s what this whole article is about.