The husband and wife team that started the wildly popular digital photo site, Flickr, are jumping the Yahoo ship.

This is the latest news in a period of perpetual bad news for Yahoo. First they can’t do the deed with Microsoft and now the creators of its most successful and creative acquired properties peaces out.

Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake created Flickr in 2004. They then sold their site to Yahoo the next year for a reported $35 million. Butterfield and Fake? Those are probably the worst and most obviously fabricated names I’ve ever heard. If they’re such software geniuses, couldn’t they have ‘engineered’ something a little more discreet?

According to Silicon Alley Insider, ‘Fake’ and ‘Butterfield’ should pay more attention to their calendar dates:

Fake reportedly left last Friday; Butterfield will leave July 12,says Arrington. (Who leaves on a Saturday?)Departures like this aren’t surprising — it’s been three years since Flickr was acquired. But Yahoo should be doing everything in its power to keep smart entrepreneurs (assuming they care) on its payroll right now — not shedding them. More bad news for Jerry Yang and Sue Decker.

Oh. You’re quitting on a Saturday, are you, Mr. Butterfield, if that is your real name? A likely story! Is it possible these cool cats are going over to the darkside (MicroFaceSoftBook)?

SiliconAlleyInsider: Flickr Duo Ditching Yahoo Too, June 18, 2008

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