Need to try and cut down on your swearing? Especially in your tweets on Twitter? There’s a great way to monitor just how bad of a mouth you have (or maybe we should say how fingers you have since you are typing).

Cursebird is a real-time feed of all the swears people are tweeting from around the globe. It even gives a “seven day overview” of what curse words are being used the most, and tells you whether it’s up or down. Currently, the F word is down 2.11% from last week. This is like the Nasdaq of potty-mouth. The coolest feature is probably being able to type in your own Twitter name and see your world ranking in swearing, how many times you’ve sworn, and your swearing score. The higher your score, the better class you are awarded. For example, if you swear a lot, your Cursebird ranking is Gangsta Rapper, or a bit below that, an Enthusiastic Porn Star. Head on over to and check out the sh*t they got on you.