This January 1st, you might resolve to hit the gym more often. Sure, good one. A solid endeavor.

But you might have a better chance of actually keeping that resolution if you instead resolve to hit a floating gym boat—say, one that roves up and down the Seine River in Paris. Yeah, that seems like an easier promise.

It’s not a reality just yet, but it could be one day, because the Paris Navigating Gym is a new design from Italian architecture group Carlo Ratti Associati. It’s a collaborative effort being developed with fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym and an urban regeneration institute. So that’s a lot of combined brainpower for building a gym.

The 20-meter-long fitness vessel features a glass exterior and a shape fashioned after the Bateaux Mouches ferry boats that have been transporting tourists for over a century. The gym can hold 45 people, with each person using one of Technogym’s ARTIS machines—a special piece of equipment that harnesses human energy for other uses. In this case, to power the boat. So by working out, you’re not only breaking a sweat and doing kind things to your heart, but you’re also providing a means of transportation for yourself and 44 others.

It’s either that or hiring a ferry and jogging in place.