Patrick Byrne said the reason he was acting so wildly was he had planned to resign and take a more “interesting job”. He figured he could act that way because he was going to leave anyway. Byrne stated earlier in the year that financial analyst, the media, and regulators had acted in unison headed by a “Sith Lord” which everyone figured probably referred to Rocker Partners and David Rocker. David Rocker is a short player who is heavily short Overstock. Rocker uses POS Herb Greenberg to write and report negative news on companies he is short. Byrne recently released this information to explain his recent “moral crusade”. Byrne said he spouted off to simply “flush the toilet”. Byrne’s antics didn’t work to well as he drew more shorts to the stock with his publicity and the stock has fallen roughly 35% since his legal battle. Funny enough, Byrne recently explained his vocal explosion as he wanted to ensure his opinions were “on the record”. Byrne in August filed a lawsuit in California State Superior Court leveling charges of conspiracy against hedge fund Rocker Partners, of New York, and a Scottsdale, Arizona-based research firm, Gradient Analytics. Both companies have filed motions to have the suit dismissed. Information for this article take from reuters.