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If it was up to us, every man would have access to cold draught beer at home. Sure, bottles get the job done, but we all ...


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Learning how to roast red pepers will add a little spice (literally and figuratively) to your cooking. Roasted red peppe ...


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Five Great Late Summer Cocktails

The fairways are green, the A/C is blasting, and women everywhere are wearing sundresses. Yes, it’s late summer, and Mot ...


Video: The Girly Drinks Rap

A man isn't measured by his ability to drink whiskey with a straight face; he's measured by his confidence. As most men ...


Jamba Juice Secret Menu

Did you know Jamba Juice's secret menu? Jamba Juice is one of the largest and most popular of quick meal restaurants ...


Salt Lake City Restaurants

Most people don't know what to think when deciding on the best Salt Lake City restaurants. Usually the conversation ...

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