The Food Pod probably sounds like some wildly futuristic method of cooking food that they would probably use on Lost In Space. Well, we would just like to tell you that that is exactly correct.

This thing makes all hassle accompanied with boiling/blanching/steaming food a thing of the past. Vegetables, seafood, pasta; you name it, it’ll fit in the Food Pod and allow you to cook it exactly to your liking. This is like one of those things you’d see Billy Mays infomercial-ing the hell out of, and every time you see it you have to stop and watch it for a half-hour, but then never end up buying it–but this time, you’ll buy it! (NOTE: We are no Billy Mays). Made of silicone, a beautiful substance for many reasons, the pod will fit into any size pot, big or small. Then, when your food is cooked just how you like it, just pull the pod out by it’s silicone strand, which hooks to the pan edge for easy removal. No more dumping boiling water into a colander and accidentally scalding parts of your body. Now isn’t that worth one easy payment of $14.99? Call now, er… Just head here.