There are lots of things that seem like a good idea after 2AM: Text that girl from work who you’re crushing on. Sign up for a 7AM cross-fit class. Order a 50-inch smart TV from Amazon. Book a flight to Germany. Falling right in line with these ill-advised actions? Eating some very questionable foods. But, as is the case with texts that read, ‘Heyyy girlll, whatchoo doin prettyyy thangg?’ after that 2AM mark, these foods always seem to be fair game.

1.Street Meat: Doesn’t matter that it results with a morning-brick-in-our-stomachs…every. single. time. We still go back. We always go back.

2.99-Cent Pizza: At 2:30AM, that floppy slice of re-heated cheese pizza, topped with a random assortment of unidentifiable meats, may as well have been cooked by Mario Batali for how good it tastes.

3.Gas-Station Hot Dogs: At 8PM, those dogs rotating endlessly on the portable oven/rotisserie thing look nauseating. At 2AM? We’ll take five.


4.Anything Dipped in Peanut Butter or Topped with Melted Cheese: Cereal? Done. Rice Cakes? Of course. Leftover Stir Fry? Pop it in the microwave.

5.Poutine: It’s a combination of fries, gravy and cheese curds (among other equally, um, unique variations). This one had to be invented after 2AM, right?

6.BBQ Chicken Wings…From a Chinese Restaurant: So what if wings aren’t a Chinese food specialty? The menu was under your door when you got home, and they deliver.

7.Any Sort of ‘Breakfast Combo’ at a Diner: It’s okay to eat three pancakes, 5 pieces of bacon, a chicken finger, two chocolate chip waffles, and a poached egg, because it’s going to carry you through the actual breakfast hour, right?