Good morning class, our first lesson…no flipping the bird. Our second lesson… HOT GIRLS

Great spoof at Madd Money. You’ll love it

Not a traffic jam of your typical type.

Some scary and amazing pics

Bad news. I found pot underneath my sons bed. Good news …it was 44lbs…or is that bad news?

These are some crazy houses.

Ever seen boiling water thrown into the air when it’s -45 degrees? They do in Alaska. Watch

This video never gets old. Man gets head stuck in elephant’s ass. Amazing but true.

I don’t get it but it sure is funny to watch Japanese people punch each other in the face.

You thought Florida vs Ohio St. was a mismatch. So is this. Very funny photo

I normally leave you with a NICE LOOKING GIRL but today I’ll leave you with a bunch of them in a nice VIDEO. Biking Models so NSFW