Our mothership, Break Media, has conducted a study on its users this holiday season. We’ve asked guys coming to our sites how much they’re planning on spending, what they’re going to get with it, and who they’re going to give it to. The results are certainly heartening.

Not only are guys spending this holiday season, but they’re spending quite a bit. Break found that 50% of guys are willing to spend as much as they did last year. 50% also plan to spend between $100 and $1,000, while 13% plan to spend more than a grande. Perhaps more surprising, is that a whopping 65% say they are “not bargain hunters” and are willing to pay full price on whatever it is they’re buying. Makes sense to us. We’ll pay another $20 if it means not getting up at 4a.m. for a doorbuster sale.

So, what are guys buying anyway? If you’re a guy (which you probably are), then you probably have some idea. It should come as no surprise, as usual, guys are interested in video games, money, clothes, gadgets, and booze. When asked what their top, “can’t live without” gifts were this year, 16% of respondents said “cash,” 14% said clothes and shoes, and 12% said video games.

The video games are not surprising because the Fall and Winter of 2009 have been absolutely insane when it comes to popular game releases. This may also have something to do with the answers we received to, “What’s the hottest gift this season?” 29% of respondents said it was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 38% said it was the new Sony PS3.

Here’s what our CEO, the handsome and dashing Keith Richman had to say on the subject:

“The economy hasn’t changed young mens’ buying habits this holiday season. In fact, guys are feeling more confident about their economic situation this year than last year—they are still going to be out there shopping for the latest gadgets and gifts for their families, significant others, friends, and last but not least, for themselves.”