Looking for the best way to look busy at work, impress the ladies and open a beer with any household item? We’ve got you covered in our irreverent educational video series, For the Win. Because everything worth doing is worth doing, well, hilariously.

Video: How to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew

We’ve  all been there: Set to open a new bottle of wine, perhaps in the company of a good woman, when suddenly you realize you’ve been rummaging through your cutlery drawer for just a little too long. Your corkscrew is nowhere to be found, and you’re stuck with a sealed bottle of merlot. Bummer. Or is it? This week on For the Win, we show you how to open a bottle of wine using common household items. It’s easier than you might think. Not to mention, you’ll look pretty manly opening that bottle with a hammer. Yes, a hammer.

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