american beer mapNow this is the type of stuff that could take Forbes magazine from the nerd patrol to the ranks of ‘chill dude-dom’.

Forbes took a looksie at the Center For Disease Control’s most recent Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey and analyzed the answers residents of 33 US cities gave to questions involving ingesting alcohol.

The questions were:

1.) What percentage of the city had at least one drink of alcohol in the last 30 days?

2.) What percentage of the city’s men had more than 2 drinks per day or women having more than 1 drink per day? (whatever happened to equality?)

3.) What percentage of city’s population has had 5 or more drinks on one recent occasion.

I suppose that would give you one viewpoint of whether a city is ‘hard-drinking or not’. Here’s a countdown of their list. Notice any surprises?

15.) Detroit, MI

14.) Jacksonville, FL

13.) Portland, OR

12.) Virginia Beach, VA

11.) Pittsburgh, PA

10.) Cincinnati, OH

9.) Boston, MA

8,7,6.) [3-Way Tie] Seattle, Cleveland, and St. Louis

5.) Chicago, IL

4.) Providence, RI

3.) San Francisco, CA

2.) Milwaukee, WI

1.) Austin, TX

Maybe a more accurate question to have asked would have been, ‘Has your city ever been featured on an episode of Cops?‘ or ‘Is a DUI ‘no big deal’ in your town?‘ Those questions might have produced more accurate results.

I totally see Austin being #1, though. Think about it: Big Texas city PLUS Big State University party school = hard-drinking. I’d be surprised if the interviewers didn’t straight up call anyone a pussy who didn’t answer with a definite yes to all three of those above questions.

I’m not sure I can provide reasoning behind all the rest of those on the list. Maybe cold weather cities and vacation towns have a higher propensity for social drinking?

Either way, lists like these and other research done by the Center for Disease Control are dead-giveaways for target audiences with new beer brands and varieties. What better place to launch your new brew than a city that will guzzle it down without a moment’s hesitation?

Anyone out there wanna dispute their city’s drinking credentials? Please do so in the comments section.

Forbes: America’s Hard-Drinking Cities, August 7, 2008

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