If the Ford Taurus was a car, last year a Corvette would have trapped it under a coffee table and made it smell Corvette farts. What we’re saying is, that it isn’t exactly something Maverick would jump behind the wheel of. Hell, until 2010, Goose probably wouldn’t even drive it. But the new Ford Taurus is trying to hang out with the cool kids now, and frankly, installing fighter jet radar is a good first step.

There are three functions it will have. The first is collision warning with break support which means that if the radar senses you’re heading toward the guy in front of you (or a wall, or a marching band) too fast, it’ll sound a warning and hit the breaks for you.

The second is a marketing-friendly acronym: BLIS. Blind Spot Information System alerts you (via indicator lights on your dash) when another vehicle is cruising in your blind spot.

The third is adaptive cruise control which means you won’t constantly have to worry about micro-adjusting your speed on road trips. Now, the fighter radar used for destroying enemy jets in fireballs of justice does it for you. Cool.

This technology has been around for a while on Bimmers, some Lexus models, and a handful of others, but in the Taurus’ class, we certainly didn’t expect it so soon.