Men seem ready to go at any given time but it takes a little bit longer to get women going. Although we know you want to get right to the penetration part—and we want to get there eventually, too—there’s a lot to be said about foreplay.

For example, did you know that a woman is more likely to orgasm (for real) when foreplay is involved? In fact, a lot of women can orgasm from foreplay alone.

In other words, if you want your lady to keep coming back to the sack, never skip the first step. Here are some things she’s begging you to do to get her ready for more.

1. Slow it down.
The only thing worse than skipping foreplay altogether is speeding your way through it. If a woman isn’t thoroughly warmed up, the sex won’t be good for anyone. Plus, it could even hurt. Enjoy the fact that you’re getting any action at all and the good stuff will come. Literally.

2. Talk dirty.
Dirty talking should start even before you get to the bedroom. Send her a few sexts before your date, and make sure you don’t skimp on the details. When you see her in person, slow your voice and whisper exactly what you’re going to do to her, and she just might finish before you even put a finger on (or in) her.

3. Kiss her like you mean it.
You know the way Jack kisses Rose in Titanic? That’s the shit women like. Kissing is way underrated, but women can tell if a guy is good in bed based on how well he kisses. Kiss her on her lips, neck and her body, and she’ll be begging for more.

4. Use both hands.
You have two for a reason and, surprise, women have two breasts. Coincidence? I think not. It’s a big bummer when guys don’t spend enough time on the twins, so give them some love. You can also keep one hand on her torso while stimulating her clit with your other hand. This will send her right to “O”-town.

5. Undress her.
Make sure you don’t overlook this. It might seem silly, but many women like when men take control, so don’t be shy. Make the first move by unzipping her dress.

6, Be gentle.
Take control, but don’t play too rough unless she asks for it. When it comes to foreplay, guys often think that harder is better but, more often than not, it’s quite the opposite. Women don’t want to feel like you’re just shoving your fingers into places so slow your roll, dudes. It’s better for her to ask for more than for her to tell you to chill out.

Photo: iStock/PeopleImages