Brokers that offfered Forex Trading showed an increase of 500% or more in accounts in 2005. What makes Forex so “exciting” is the fact it trades 24 hours a day and follows the sun around the globe. Huge risk, huge reward. Like options, futures, and commodities it is a bit difficult to understand in the beginning but once you get the hand of it can be quite rewarding. You do have to leverage yourself quite heavily and this alone scares many a trader off. Big boys have no problem with this because they are playing with other people’s money but this money is all mine and although I don’t mind taking risks, I would hate to wipe out half my trading account because the euro took an unexpected risk. Because of this I am taking it easy until I feel much more comfortable. The 24 hour thing appeals to me as I have another business to run and often don’t get to watch the market all all during the day. If any readers can recommend a Forex broker they like I would appreciate it. I have tried a few platforms and really don’t know who is good and who isn’t. As for strategies there are plenty but mine right now is conservative (as conservative as Forex can be). I suggest you at home players check it out. If anything, you will learn a bit more about a foreign country.