I may not even be nominated for Stock Pimp of the Year 2006 at Tale of the Tape but I gave myself the award New Pimp of the Year. I hope to win the big award down the road as I build my following and trading abilities, but I hope to start by just earning a link at his site. One step at a time. My problem is I own a nursery and get so busy during the spring and summer that my blog suffers. Fortunately I was awarded Nursery Pimp of the Year so it makes me feel at least I am good at something. I may not be the best trader of the nominees but I certainly intend to be funniest of the group. You may leave broke but your stomach will hurt after laughing so much. I am looking for a partner to help with the site during my busy times and I will be splitting the .o5 a day my blog brings in. I have started slowing down so look for my site to get better and better. By winter my blog will be back to being da shizznet. So until the day comes I’ll just keep drinking out of my cheap ass Wal-Mart plastic cup.