Four seconds is all the average internet shopper and viewer is willing to wait for a page to load. In research compiled by Akamai and JupiterResearch, bad site performance leads to the following.

The consequences for an online retailer whose site underperforms include diminished goodwill, negative brand perception, and, most important, significant loss in overall sales.
Online shopper loyalty is contingent upon quick page loading, especially for high-spending shoppers and those with greater tenure.
JupiterResearch recommends that retailers make every effort to keep page rendering to no longer than four seconds.

After four seconds. 33% exited the site and 75% said that they would not visit again. It’s nice to see that others do the same thing as me. My time is valuable and I don’t have time to deal with slow site. I get sick of the “my server or hosting company is having trouble” . Buck up and spend a few more dollars a month and work with a better company. We all know why Akami did the study. Their sites are the fastest around. None of this applies to my site. It’s worth the wait.