The Dow is up and so is my heart rate.

Many of you avid business news watchers may have realized this by now, but CNBC has began switching programming to cover some of the Olympic Events after the markets close at 5pm. Foxy Business is ready to pounce on this little switcheroo and has none other than ‘the devil in red’ to tempt you.

Today began the start of the NBC Universal’s total Olympic coverage spanning from your regular low channeled NBC all the way up to MSNBC and (gasp!) invading your Fast Money and Jim Cramer happy time on CNBC!

Did anyone catch that impressive move by Fox Biz? – right before the CNBC programming switch, a commercial aired enticing current CNBC viewers to switch over to the Fox Business Channel for continued round the clock business news coverage saying, “real business news, no games.” Touché!

The ‘cherry’ on top of the sabotage was former CNBC-anchor-turned-Foxette, Liz Claman, doing the enticing. And enticing she is! DrunkTrader (finally) has a little summary of Liz’s talents posted on his site.

Not sure if these two shots (after the jump) are photoshopped or not (how could she really wear this on air, seriously?), but you get the idea:

While CNBC is showing off some boxing, softball, and tennis, will you make the switch over to THE BIG F-WORD? Let us know in the comments section.

True, Fox Biz currently only has 8,000 viewers during daytime hours compared to CNBC’s 284,000, but at least they don’t have Donny Deutsch Big Idea still on the air. That show is terrible. Wait . . . maybe this Olympic coverage will eclipse those painful Donny hours? Nope, he’s still on. Fox wins again.

Chicago Tribune: Fox Business ad: Give us a twirl, August 11, 2008

photos via DrunkTrader: Liz Claman Q3 Biz Babe