1.) Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away a free donut to every customer who purchases a hot coffee of any size today in honor of Tax Day.
2.) Chipotle, a great burrito chain restaurant, says if you purchase a burrito today and show the receipt tomorrow, you will receive another one for free.
3.) You can also get a pizza for $10.40, today only, at Papa John’s.

That’s a nice high-calorie breakfast, lunch, and dinner right there.

Just wondering if those donuts are decorated with a tax theme. Dollar sign sprinkles, maybe? IRS icing? The most accurate route would be to give a dozen of the freshest Boston Cremes to anyone earning over $500K-a-year.

And if all this is just reminding you now that you haven’t done a lick of your taxes, you’re going to want to file for an easy no-questions-asked extension. Make sure you don’t give the whole tax-paying system a complete skip this year, or you won’t get your government funded $600 economic stimulus check. (Most will be distributed in the first few weeks of May, while those filing extensions will receive theirs later.)