In yet another demonstration of Google’s near-frightening awesomeness, the all-knowing Internet deity has partnered with three major U.S. airlines to offer free wireless Web access on domestic flights this holiday season.

Travelers aboard AirTran, Delta and Virgin America flights will be treated to complimentary Wi-Fi starting Nov. 20, 2010 and ending Jan. 2, 2011. A number of prominent porn sites have already announced plans to adopt air-travel-themed user interfaces during this period. Probably. OK, we just made that up.

Google ran a similar free Wi-Fi promotion on Virgin America flights during last year’s holiday season, the success of which prompted the California-based Internet mega-firm to expand the promotion to three airlines this year. According to Google representatives, the company only partnered with airlines that offer wireless technology on all planes in their domestic fleet, because any airline that doesn’t is ridiculously behind the times and might as well have wooden propellers on their planes.