Ok I have a friend who is on sabbatical in France for 6 months and he’s come home to run the Boston Marathon on Monday and we had a nice morning run and discussed France and it’s people. France gets a bad rap here in the US because they hate us and they are a bunch of wimps but there’s more. First, every kid wears black. His daughter wears different colors to school but every kid in the school other that his daughter wears all black. Second, there are homeless young men everywear. French men somehow feel they need to see the world and most feel it is a sin to work before 30. Third, their work week is ridiculous. They hardly work and still complain they are working too much. Fourth, the women eat like pigs and still have incredible bodies. He said he went to one of their workout classes and almost laughed. He said he got more of a workout walking to the gym than they got in the class. Fifth, the have the best pastries in the world. Sixth, everyone in the frickin country smokes. From 13 on, they all smoke. And last, they can’t let go of the Franc. Everything is still priced in Francs even though there are no longer Francs in ciculation. Idiots. This guy is as open minded as anyone I know and he thinks the French are as bad or worse than they have been stereotyped. America is fat no doubt but I’ll take fat over that nasty ass country.