A few years ago, a bunch of pro snowboarder buddies decided to start a headphone company. They saw a void in the market for active dudes and decided to fill it with products that complemented their lifestyles on and off the slopes. That meant every earbud and headphone they created needed to boast souped-up sound, ridiculous good looks and a brilliant built-in mike that lets you pause, skip songs, go back and take phone calls right in the middle of a run.

The result is Frends, a line of eight killer kits ranging in price from $30 (the Coupe) to $119 (the Light Premium, pictured above). Full disclosure: we at Made Man are big fans of boarding and have a special place in our hearts for Keir Dillon, Scotty Lago, Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce and the rest of the Frends crew. But that aside, the true beauty of the Frends line is that every touch is considered and every detail is user-friendly. The higher-end models even boast interchangeable components and ear cups you can tap with your clumsy gloved hand to stop the music when a ski bunny’s trying to tell you how much she digs your steeze.

And this week, they are taking it up a notch through Frends With Benefits, a new feature that lets you customize your device with your favorite colors, words and images. Like everything these sno bros are doing these days, it’s pretty rad. Get your Frends here. And customize ’em here. Whether you ride, ski or simply couch surf, you’ll be stoked.