If you’re a hockey fan, there’s no doubt you’ll be cheering for an American team to win the Stanley Cup this year (as if you have any other choice). Still, many think of hockey as a Canadian sport, and for good reason. When the cup was created in 1892 it was named for Lord Stanley of Preston, who at the time was the Governor General of Canada.

However you think of it, hockey is definitely an intense sport, so you should have a pretty intense cocktail to consume while watching it. Of course, intense doesn’t have to mean fancy — which is why the Canadian Cup cocktail is simple: Canadian Club whiskey, tonic, and a splash of bitters. What’s important, though, is that it’s served on ice, preferably a big block of it, but crushed or cubed ice will do the trick, too.

The Canadian Cup

3 ounces Canadian Club whiskey
2 ounces tonic water
Few dashes bitters

Glassware: Rocks Glass

Method: Add the whiskey to the glass, drop in a large ice cube (or fill with a handful of ice), pour in the tonic water, top off with bitters, and enjoy.