Father’s Day is just two days away, and we here at Made Man believe there’s no better way to celebrate the man who gave you life than with a strong whiskey cocktail. In fact, a very loose, totally biased, and incredibly unscientific poll conducted by this Made Man cocktail columnist confirmed that a majority of dads really, really like whiskey. Many dads also enjoy the occasional gin and tonic.

The Dad’s Double — simply a whiskey tonic with a dash or three of bitters — gives you the best of both worlds, resulting in a refreshing concoction you and your dad can sip all Sunday long. And it’s so easy he’ll be able to make it himself once you’ve gone back to drinking with your buddies.

Dad’s Double

2 parts whiskey
1 part tonic
1-3 dashes bitters

Glassware: Rocks glass

Method: Add a large ice cube or handful of smaller cubes to the glass, add the whiskey, tonic, and bitters. Give it a gentle stir and enjoy.