A completely unscientific and unreliable study conducted by a certain cocktail columnist has shown that men purchase more champagne at the end of the regular baseball season that at any other time of the year. Although locker-room celebrations seem like good fun, most of that champagne doesn’t even make it into the mouths of those men. I want to reverse that trend with this celebratory champagne cocktail: the Kir Royal.

I’m sipping one in anticipatory honor of my hometown team, The Kansas City Royals. For the first time since 1985 — when they won the won the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals — the Royals are poised to make the playoffs. Whatever team you root for this time of year, the Kir Royal cocktail is the perfect way to finish off a bottle of champagne you may have opened for celebratory purposes.

My Kir Royal is an adaptation of the classic Kir, originally made with crème de cassis, a black currant liqueur, and white wine. This Kir Royal, is made with the easier-to-find Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur, and champagne. It’s also typically served in a champagne flute, but I think everything looks better in a coupe glass. I say it’s player’s choice.

Kir Royal Cocktail Recipe
1 tablespoon Chambord
Chilled Champagne, cava, prosecco or bubbly of your choice

Glassware: Coupe glass or champagne flute
Method: Chill the glass in the freezer for 10 minutes before preparing. Add the Chambord to the glass, then top it off with the chilled champagne. Play ball!