Greenpoint, Brooklyn, might as well be called Little Poland, what with its panoply of hanging-sausage factories and old-country bakeries, including Peter Pan, whose doughnuts Tiny Fey once said she’d like to screw.

In recent years, though, bars and restaurants of the hipster sort have moseyed their way into the land of carbs and tube-steak—and The Moonlight Mile, which we can only gather is a Stones reference, has brought its Kentucky roots, whiskey wares and incredible jukebox selection into the neighborhood. Owned by Kentucky-native Garry Embry, the Mile carries more than 80 Kentucky bourbons and American whiskeys, as well as an inventive bourbon cocktail list.

Here’s the brand-spanking-new bar’s signature cocktail, the Old Dirt Road, whose recipe originated at the Monkey Wrench, a bar in Louisville, Kentucky. Created by head mixologist Jared Schubert, the name hints at that Kentucky je ne sais quoi—the state known for its lonesome country roads, rolling hills and bluegrass. The sweet-and-sour-tasting cocktail evokes a feeling similar to the one Mick Jagger gets in his pants when he struts across the stage. And it’s the perfect thing to sip as you watch, say, John Calipari and his always-interesting U of Kentucky hoops squad begin their March Madness journey vs. Kansas State tonight…

Old Dirt Road    
2 ounces wheated whiskey (Maker’s Mark or Rebel Reserve)
2 ounces Cardamaro
2 ounces Carpano

Glassware: Chilled Martini glass

Method: Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice for 10 seconds. Orange zest over top, then discard.