I’ve never quite understood why Oktoberfest is called Oktoberfest when it begins in mid-September. Apparently it has something to do with culminating the weeks-long celebration in early October with perfectly aged fall beer. Still, it bothers a rational person like me — until I’ve had a few of these beer cocktails.

This refreshing recipe uses ginger and honey flavors to emulate a gingerbread cookie, a popular fall and winter treat in Germany. And because I had received some as a gift, I used Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. If you don’t want to be seen purchasing honey whiskey, just use regular old whiskey and add a little honey; the bitters will help tone down the sweetness. I top it all off with an Oktoberfest beer (in my case, Bob’s 47 by Boulevard Brewing Company, but any Oktoberfest beer will work).

Oktoberfest Beer Cocktail

2 ounces honey Whiskey (or 2 ounces whiskey, and ½ teaspoon honey)
2 ounces ginger beer
Peychaud’s Bitters
1 can or bottle of Oktoberfest beer

Glassware: Pint glass

Method: Add whiskey, ginger beer, and bitters to the glass, stir gently. Add a handful of ice, then fill to the top with Oktoberfest beer. Give it another quick stir and enjoy.