Spiced Blood cocktail

The Spiced Blood cocktail is a take on the classic rum and ginger beer combination, the Dark & Stormy. Instead of a lime wedge, it’s garnished with a full slice of orange, about the size of the rim of the glass, and a clove — to resemble a pumpkin, of course. It’s topped off with blood, otherwise known as the red-hued Peychaud’s Bitters.

It’s a little bit spooky, a little bit spicy, and balanced enough to serve up this Halloween. You can serve it on or off the rocks.

Spiced Blood
2 ounces dark, spiced rum
Ginger beer
1 round orange slice (about the size of the rim of the glass or smaller)
1 whole clove
Peychaud’s Bitters

Glassware: Anything round (a snifter or stemless wine glass preferred)

Method: Squeeze the juice of the orange slice into the bottom of the glass and add a quick dash of bitters. Pour in the rum, fill the glass with ice (if using) then fill to the top with the ginger beer. Stir gently. Put the pointy end of the clove in the middle of the orange and gently rest it on top of the cocktail. Right before serving, generously douse the orange slice with more bitters.

Note: If you’re not using ice, make sure your ginger beer is cold, and either fill the glass halfway with ginger beer, our double the amount of rum.