Sherry Martini

This is my last post about the government shutdown — at least I hope it is, considering things should be returning to normal in Washington right about now. Of course, when I think “normal in Washington,” I think of a bunch of old white men sitting around wood-paneled offices drinking cognac, gin, sherry, and the like. (In my mind, they also say things like, “and the like.”)

This week, I dug deep into my liquor cabinet in search of some old-man booze, and discovered a bottle of sherry my old man bought for a recipe and used once. After a little more searching, I found a recipe for The Sherry Martini, created by Mayur Subbarao of Cienfuegos, a cocktail bar in New York’s East Village.

I’ve adapted it slightly. After my own cocktail waitressing days in the East Village, I refuse to own anything even resembling a martini glass, and instead of garnishing with an olive, I used a lemon peel, which I think just accentuated the flavors of the orange bitters.

The Sherry Martini
2 ounces sherry
2 ounces gin
A dash of orange bitters
Lemon peel or green olive, for garnish

Glassware: Martini or other cocktail glass

Method: Combine sherry, gin, and bitters over ice in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into the glass and garnish (or not). Enjoy.