Whether you’re going out with your best girl or your best buds, the best nights begin with some sort of plan. Sure, things may take twists and turns later on, but kick things off right with these quick outlines for organized adventure.

With Your Girl

1. Dinner
Nothing ruins a birthday or anniversary quicker than waiting hours for a table and then spending too much money for a fancy dinner. Make life simple by calling ahead. While you’re at it, make life even simpler by going to m.bing.com on your iPhone or Android to check out Bing mobile deals. It’ll use the phone’s GPS location to aggregate local deals from a bunch of different sites, pointing you to cool restaurants, bars, events and movies, not to mention great gift ideas. (She never has to know you got a great deal, too.)

2. Drinks
Even if they don’t always admit it, most girls like a fancy cocktail now and then. But you don’t have to battle to get into the priciest place in town. Seek out a cool underground spot ahead of time. In New York City, that might be PDT, an East Village speakeasy you access through a phone booth in late-night hot dog joint Crif Dogs. She’ll be impressed.

3. Denouement
Movies and concerts can’t fail, but why not surprise her with something she wants to do? Which just might involve dancing. Pick a place that has this option, and she’ll be psyched when you spontaneously lead her to the floor. Can’t dance? Don’t sweat it. Simply watch our Look Like You Can Dance video and fake it till you make it.

With The Guys

1. Assembly
As you might imagine, a night out with the guys is a little different. First, you must prepare your man-cave for an early gathering, which means plenty of dude food, music, and, yes, libations. It never hurts to have your TV tuned to sports or your Xbox Kinect cued up to get keep things festive.

2. Action
For your relaxation locations, start with something chill and let things get crazier as the night progresses, a la The Hangover. Check out Bing mobile deals to point you to the best nearby drink specials. That’ll help you save dough for the main event, be it a casino, a nightclub, a big game…or a killer D&D tournament! OK, maybe not that last one.

3. Aftermath
If your friends are like ours, things can unravel in a hurry, so pick a diner-like spot where the crew (perhaps excluding ones who’ve been kidnapped by females) can reconvene to rehash the evening and eat really greasy foods. That burning sensation in your throat? The sweet taste of an excellent night out…or maybe you just put too much Tabasco on your huevos rancheros.