Steve Smith, wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, is one of Morgan Stanley’s bigger clients and now he’s also one of their newest interns.

According to an article in yesterday’s Charlotte Observer, Smith got interested in financial planning from his teammate, Panthers kicker, John Kasay. Figures, leave it to the kicker to be a finance nerd.

Smith then started reading a few books on finance and asked Morgan Stanley First Vice President, Derek Copeland if he could get some ‘hands-on experience’ with the subject matter. And apparently that’s all it takes to land a job with one of the largest investment banking and financial services firms in the world.

The former Pro-Bowl wide receiver is doing some real work in his off-season. He spent a few days working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and meeting with Morgan Stanley executives. On a typical week he sports a fancy suit and heads into the office 2 days a week, soaking up all the complex financial knowledge he can.

From the Observer article, it sounds like Smith is in way over his head:

“It’s made me want to learn more,” he said. “Being an intern at Morgan Stanley and balancing your checkbook, man, there’s like four worlds in between.”

Four worlds? More like 4 circles of hell. Take a look at the insight of one of the next future Morgan Stanley CEOs. Anyone is better than current CEO John ‘Insider Trading Cheat’ Mack, right?

Charlotte Observer: Smith Scores Gig As Finances Intern, May 20, 2008
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