It’s time to send Mr. Coffee packing. He’s old and busted. The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker is the new hotness. Yes, we are using Will Smith lines to talk about a coffee maker. That’s how cool this Naoto Fukasawa one is.

First, it’s tight and compact, as opposed to other, bulkier coffee makers. It will fit perfectly in any kitchen, ideal for a small one with not a lot of counter space, and blend right in. The difference between Mr. Coffee and Fukasawa’s coffee maker? Fukasawa makes this look good. Somebody stop us. The Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker will brew up to six cups of coffee or tea at a time, by filtering water through an activated charcoal filter, and will take less than ten minutes to do so. The machine even won a Good Design award in Japan in 2007, which Naoto Fukasawa has won in the past for other gadgets like a wall-mounted CD-player and a series of laptops for Samsung. The guy knows what he’s doing. The Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker will set you back around $300, but you’re paying for fast, quality coffee, space efficiency, and a cool-looking design.  You can find the Naoto Fukasawa Coffee and Tea Maker here.