Attention, soldier! On the dangerous mission to deliver total sexual satisfaction, it’s important to remember your training. The moves and tactics you’ve learned in your martial career are going to prove invaluable when you finally retire your bedroom (or kitchen, sofa, hot tub…). Seriously though, in the battle that is sex, there are actually quite a number of techniques that can be gleaned from the military. No, the simple “Aim and Shoot” is not one of these techniques. We’re talking about advanced maneuvers that are sure to take you and your lady to sexual heights of which you’ve only dreamed. What are those techniques? Find out with Full Frontal Assault: Three Military Techniques You Can Use In The Bedroom!


Sex on Table

1. Sweep and Clear. The technique for quickly breaching a room, combing through it and clearing it of unfriendlies has obvious applications when it comes to sex. No, really. While “breaching” things during sex is generally frowned upon and may result in a prison term, the basic concept is still sound. Here’s how it works: There’s a twofold sweep tactic, wherein you surprise your lady with a romantic evening, “sweeping” her off her feet. The second part of the sweep comes later, when you madly sweep of your sturdiest desk or table for passionate love. What about the clear? Well, she’s still wearing clothes when you initiate the sweep, so you’ll have to “clear” those annoying things out of the way. Remember your military training, soldier.



2. Shock and Awe. Just the name alone sounds sexy, right? In this military tactic turned sexual extravaganza, the idea is to overwhelm your lover with outstanding planning and superior firepower. How best to do that? Well, a solid game plan is a must. Set your love nest up with all manner of clandestine accoutrement, including lights, candles, perfumes, oils, rose petals, and the like.Then, when you get down to the lovin‘, you have to keep her guessing, and you have to keep the action coming. Vary your speeds, your moves, and everything else in your repertoire. The enemy will never know what hit her!


3. March and Fire. Sometime, a stationary assault just won’t work. The enemy is too cunning, or swift. Or, in the case of sex, the enemy is tired of the combat always taking place on the same battlefield. And you probably are too. So what’s the solution? Why, you have to go mobile, soldier! And you have to stay on the offensive as well. Start out in the bedroom, but let passion and imagination carry you elsewhere. Stay on the march, but as you move about, be sure to keep “firing,” as it were. Such a lively tour of duty will get you and your partner so revved up that you may decide to leave the bedroom behind entirely!