While I was doing a little research on RSS feeds I came across a list of Feedburners Top 40 RSS feeds.

You better be glad this isn’t your sister

Vida Guerra has on bootylicious backside. (no nudity but boss may not like)

In case the market is not treating you well, here is a guide on how to make counterfeit $100 bills

Perhaps the best looking girl in commercials right now. The girl from the RGX Bodyspray. Now
THAT is an actress.

I bought this beer cooler. Can’t wait to get the wine cooler.

The funniest stock show ever.

I am officially old. I can’t believe I am looking at provocative photos of Rumor Willis

This should help prevent sexual attacks.

Google’s new ad format is going to be terribly annoying. Get ready for popups

I thought this dude founded MyBlogLog he is in so many people’s community. I laugh every time I see him on someone’s page now. It’s him and Eric