Futures and Commodities are going to be the story of 2006. More and more people are getting into them. It has become much easier for the Home Trader to open an account at Optionsxpress or Xpresstrade and start trading. It is a highly speculative market but fits in perfectly to the gambling lifestyle that the whole world has adopted. This is also going to mean big volume for the exchanges , especially the CBOT , CME, and NYME. Electronic volume at the Chicago Merc accounts for 71% of all trades, up from 68% last year. Trading in general is up 28%-30% every month as compared to last year. I think the safest play on this is not to start trading all the futures but to go long on everything I mentioned above. It seems every market is moving higher with all the new speculators. Even Cocoa moved to an all new high yesterday. I can already see the day when the conversation at the bus stop goes like this. Did you see Google today? Yea, but how about the move on Jan copper.