10 Athlete-Owned Restaurants Worth a Visit

Earlier this month, legendary Knick Clyde Frazier opened Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine in New York City, joining scads of ex-pros who have gone into the restaurant business. But just because a guy can dribble doesn’t mean he’s going to feed you right. Here are ten athlete-owned eateries worth your hard-earned dimes.

Vince Young Steakhouse He may be a backup QB these days, but you can still get a first-string filet from VY’s steakhouse the next time you swing through Austin. Enjoy fine wines, too, but save room for Forever Young Chocolate Cake, an amaretto-brushed delight.

Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant It doesn’t have the most imaginative name in the world, but so what? They’ve got all you can eat boneless wings for $12.99. That’s Canadian dollars, by the way. Wear your eating pants when you hit Toronto.

Ditka’s Ranked 9th on The Daily Meal’s list of celeb-owned restaurants, Ditka’s in Chicago brings you generous portions, fine wines and cigars. And we’re betting a sweet moustache could score you a free dessert.

Bobby V's Sports Gallery Café Former journeyman infielder and current Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has owned this popular Stamford, Connecticut joint for more than 30 years. Fun fact: it’s the first restaurant to serve a sandwich in a tortilla wrap. Or so Mr. Valentine says.

Elway's Don’t listen to Tim Tebow: In Colorado, there’s only one god and his name is Elway. Much like his football career, Elway’s takes fine dining up a notch, pleasing both those with simple tastes and foodies with adventurous dishes.

Tresca Ray Bourque might have finished his career in Colorado, but his heart is in Boston. That’s why he opened his Italian fine-dining restaurant in Beantown. Forget the Olive Garden. This is top-notch Italian cooking like your grandmother never made.

Yao Former Rockets big man and Chinese superhero Yao Ming lends his name to a place ranked the 19th best celeb-owned restaurant by The Daily Meal. Hit it up in Houston for All-Star Chinese and Chinese-American cuisine.

Arnold Palmer's “Live the good life” is the boast of Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant in La Quinta, California. The man has done everything from winning 92 titles to designing his own golf courses to inventing delicious drinks. We think he can handle running a restaurant.

Market Restaurant and Bar Tony Hawk has his hands on just about everything, including this fine establishment in Marina Del Rey, California. Get a reservation—it’s always busy at Market Del Mar, named the best athlete-owned restaurant in America by The Daily Meal.

Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine Everything in Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine has the man himself all over it. That means gigantic photos of Frazier and of course his always-colorful suits. The menu itself runs the gamut from pub grub to gourmet. All that’s missing is a while-you-wait tailoring service.