10 Great Ways To Go RVing

Close your eyes and picture an RV. Chances are you visualized a hulking road warrior casting a shadow on the highway. But the truth is, there’s a lot more to RVs than meets the mental image, as we learned from the good people at Go RVing. On the following pages, you’ll see they come in all shapes and sizes, accommodating passions as diverse as tailgating, winter camping and high-end traveling. Take a look, and you just might see yourself behind the wheel of one soon...

Host a Tailgate The skinny: It’s every guys dream to tailgate at an NFL game and to do it right, he’ll need an outdoor grill, an awning to shade his guests and a big-screen TV—50 percent of tailgaters don’t actually go into the stadium but just come for the party! Model shown: Keystone Outback, keystone-outback.com

Take a Romantic Getaway The skinny: These models are a little bigger than an SUV—the perfect size for a couple to escape for a romantic getaway to wine country, antiquing or leaf peeping as they get great gas mileage. Model shown: Winnebago Era, erarv.com

Pack Up the Fam The skinny: It’s up to 59 percent less expensive for a family to travel by RV than traditional travel with hotels, airfare and restaurants. For a family guy there’s really no better vacation deal, and the family pet can come too! Model shown: Fleetwood Jamboree, fleetwoodrv.com

Indulge in Outdoor Adventure The skinny: Guys love their toys—ATVs, golf carts, bikes. There’s room in a Sport Utility RV for every kind of adventure toy, and if Sturgis is on your bucket list, pop your motorcycle in the back and arrive in style. Model shown: Jayco Seismic, jayco.com

Keep It Reasonable The skinny: Those watching their budgets or just dipping their toes in the RV waters can go with an option that’s lighter, more affordable and can be towed with a car. Model shown: Coachmen Viking, coachmenrv.com

Go Winter Camping The skinny: Anybody who skis or snowboards knows that the biggest expense is the hotel bill. With a winterized RV you can bring everything you need from home, park it at your favorite resort, and leave it there for the winter. Model shown: Keystone Montana, keystone-montana.com

Gear Up The skinny: Need to have the latest and greatest technology wherever you go? This ride has tablets that run the technology, LCD TVs, home theater systems, iPod/MP3 player hookups, satellite receivers, rear-vision cameras, built-in GPS and more. Model shown: Forest River Aviator, forestriverinc.com

Save the Planet The skinny: If you’re serious about your carbon footprint, this RV’s made of ZERO wood, recycled materials, all LED lighting, solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and fuel-cell technology to power onboard generators. Model shown: Earthbound, earthboundrv.com

Establish a Base Camp The skinny: It’s on every guy’s bucket list to take off with his friends for weekend hunting or fishing trips. This option has everything you need for a base camp with plenty of amenities to make your trip comfortable. Model shown: ALP Adventurer, amlrv.com

Cruise in Comfort The skinny: There’s a reason stars like Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock own RVs. When they’re the top-of-the-line luxury vehicles, it’s like a Park-Avenue apartment on wheels. Model shown: Thor Challenger, challengermotorhome.com